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HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine
HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine
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    HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine
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    2021-08-12 15:55:48
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HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine product introduction

The switchboard is divided into four parts: pulp bailing section, hot pressing section I, hot pressing section II and hot pressing section III

After the wet billet is picked up, the pulp bailing section is pumped for intervention pressure, and the preloading die is removed after preloading (here the die is only preloaded). Then the hot pressing section carries the preloaded wet billet to the hot pressing die (here hot pressing section I, hot pressing section II and hot pressing section III) to share the wet billet handling die. The wet billet handling die is servo driven, one for three.

The machine adopts direct hot pressing, drying and forming technology, and there is no need to use an oven. After hot pressing, the die will exit, and the handling robot will directly absorb and transport the formed semi-finished products to the die of the cutting machine. After cutting by the cutting machine, the single axis manipulator will suck out the finished products and place them in the assembly line for completion.

This production line can be widely used in the production of molded tableware, high-quality work package, draft angle of 1.5 degrees and other products.

Equipment parameters of HM-ZX1310 pulp molding machine

1.Machine model: hm-zx1310 (two-stage three station pulp molding machine)

2.Machine area: length: 9500mm; Width: 8100mm; Height: 3650mm.

3.Machine weight: 34T (excluding mould and formwork)

4.Machine steel beam structure: use high-density carbon steel material for annealing after welding to enhance the stability of the machine.

5.The parts in direct contact with wet pulp are made of stainless steel, such as forming platform, pulp storage barrel, etc

6.Machine formwork area: length: 1300mm; Width: 1000mm

7.The front and rear moving power of the upper two connecting platforms (forming and hot pressing platforms) is driven by servo motor to ensure fast and stable operation of the equipment

8.Forward and backward movement distance: 1100mm

9.The moving power of the forming lower platform is driven by oil pressure pump, the moving distance is 500mm, and the clamping pressure is 10 tons

10.The vertical movement power of the hot pressing platform is driven by oil pressure pump, and the clamping force is 28-30 tons. Vertical movement distance: 450mm

11.Product max. 120 mm

12.The upper and lower hot pressing platforms of the machine are equipped with water-cooling plates to increase the accuracy of upper and lower clamping.

13.The machine is equipped with stable blowing and suction system and vacuum system to facilitate the delivery of semi-finished products and demoulding of finished products.

14.The machine is equipped with high-pressure and low-pressure watering system: high-pressure watering to clean the mold mesh surface and low-pressure watering to clean the product burrs.

15.The handling robot is equipped with vacuum suction cup, which can automatically turn over, receive and discharge materials. After cutting, the single shaft machine grabs by 16.hand and the conveyor belt outputs.

17.The machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) + Touch man-machine interface, which can adjust the hot pressing time, platform position, slurry suction time, etc.

Average pulp consumption: (adjusted according to product)

18.Production capacity 45 ~ 150 seconds / mold (different product cycle)

19.The actual power consumption of the whole machine varies with products.

20.Machine heating source: 48 channels of electric heating.

21.The maximum power required for the operation of the whole machine including the mold: 750 ~ 800KW (electric heating) 380V

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