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Japanese firms to build 0.25 mm slim waterproof mobile phone sets

    Currently, most of the mobile phone shell with waterproof function must be at the expense of feel the cost was made was very heavy. However, Japan recently launched a slim waterproof phone sets may change our views. This is an ultra-thin waterproof jacket only 0.25mm thick, the main material for polyurethane, can be tightly wrapped iPhone.
     Manufacturer said that the protective cover in line with Japan IPX8 waterproof standard, that it can guarantee your iPhone up to 10 meters deep in the water without being hurt. Protective sleeve portion of the screen is used acrylic, in peacetime will not affect operation.
     In addition, because the protective cover is only 0.25mm thick, so you can put it at the same time and then another put on their favorite protective sleeve and unaffected. Currently this protective cover with a compatible iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S2 version sold, priced $ 37. Another manufacturer is also preparing to produce a protective sleeve ipad version, priced at $ 50.

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