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Successful prosecution of producing fake court Nokia phones behind the boss

May 17 news ( reporter Liang Yuan correspondent Fang Ho Leung ) reporter on the 17th was informed that , in the " three two" special operations, Longgang District Court counterfeiting a registered trademark successfully together involving up to 1.4 million of counterfeit Nokia registered trademark case behind the boss Xu Mouguang additional charges.
    According to the court heard that the defendant Xu Mouguang in Longgang District, Industrial Zone, a street in a 3rd floor hire of plant , the creation of production of counterfeit Nokia phones undocumented factories and employs more than Xiemou ( has sued ) the management of the plant to seek illegal interests
    April 2011 , Police received a report from the masses of the suspected production of fake Nokia phones dens and arrested more than Xiemou and the scene seized suspected counterfeit Nokia brand mobile phones and accessories , involving up to more than 140 million yuan. After hearing the defendant Xu Mouguang quickly fled home hiding .
    June 2011 , the defendant Xiemou much a case of counterfeiting registered trademarks transferred to the hospital for examination and prosecution , Longgang District , the prosecutor handling the scoring through carefully and found that the defendant Xu Mouguang as a factory owner, investor , and total sales staff , played a vital role in the present case , the prosecutor has requested that the public security organs arrest the defendant Xu Mouguang and carry out the " three two " special action tracking supervision. March 2012 , Xu Mouguang at home by public security organs arrest.
    Defendant Xu Mouguang et al counterfeiting registered trademarks Nokia behavior , seriously disrupting a healthy and orderly operation of the market order, but also hindered the social credit system construction . Successful prosecution of the case , reflecting the prosecutors working on the case of a highly responsible attitude , but also shows the full implementation of prosecutorial functions prosecutors to crack down on fake goods crime , economic construction services firm determination .

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