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Our fifteen year-old friends!

Fifteen years of age, in their prime, fifteen years hard fruits.
  Time day after day, year after year, passing by, Hongming Machinery Jin Jian , general manager under the leadership gone through fifteen years of ups and downs , the past fifteen years , from the Ming Hong Chengli to today on Hongming people are the most memorable , groping in the confusion , grow up in frustration , Hongming clear direction for the development of people and gradually improve the company's culture , every step in the business left a lot of hard work and painful trade-offs ; in the face of difficulties , Hung Ming had never back down, as the failure of the ladder of success , start on the road to success as a milestone , it is because of people such Hongming perseverance Hongming today is so brilliant.
  Today, Hongming Machinery already have a high-quality personnel and continuous innovation , the courage to challenge themselves and the human spirit , as a cornerstone of the development will be unpredictable . I believe hope is no longer a bitter hardships , we would appreciate more challenging and sweet. Its automatic box making machine and automatic gift box machine by the majority of users praise . Over the next 2013 , we set goals for their own , to produce higher quality products to our customers feedback , and also thank our customers for the past fifteen years Hongming support !
  We cast the lush trees , but we are more eager to towering trees, have our people work together Hongming , Hung Ming will be better tomorrow !

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