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Promote the development of fully automatic machine cover some of the factors

First, focus on simplicity of , more automated
New packaging machinery generally possess versatile, simple to adjust operating conditions , mechatronics is a new trend of packaging controller . The statistics found through the cover unit will fit industrial automation trends , new equipment and technology has been popular. Manufacturing enterprises will tend to buy and easy to install, easy to operate packaging machinery , especially in the current manufacturing massive layoffs , simple operating systems on demand will increase. Motion control structure related to the merits of the cover of machine performance . Therefore , in order to gain a foothold in the packaging market in the future , efficient customer service and mechanical repairs will be the most important competitive conditions.
  Second, focus on productivity
Packaging machinery manufacturers increasingly focus on development of rapid , low cost packaging equipment , the development trend of the future is the device smaller, more flexible , multi-purpose , high efficiency. This trend also save time, reduce costs, packaging industry is a combination of the pursuit , simple technology , mobile packaging equipment. On the cover of machine automation , process automation has been widely used .

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