It is true that sleep is quite an essential part of everybody’s life. All of us try to improve the quality of our sleep with the purchase of a new mattress.  But, it’s an expensive choice. One simpler solution to improve the comfort of an aging mattress is to add a firm mattress topper.

Firm mattress topper is not only supportive but comfortable too. You get the soft feel while sleeping on it with the decrease in your kind of pain occurring in hips, back, shoulder, etc. It aligns your backbone correctly to diminish the entire pressure points. 

But, today market filled with many different kinds of mattress topper. Then, how will you know which one is best among them?

Well! In the below article, we will provide you the reviews of top 5 best firm mattress topper along with the complete buying guide. It will help you in picking the right product from the market with full familiarity about the product. 

Let’s have a look!

firm mattress topper

What is a firm mattress topper?

The firm mattress topper is quite thicker and dense in comparison to the other kinds of usual mattress toppers. Infact, it is more supportive instead of being providing the softness. The maximum types of firm mattress toppers are marginally substantial also owing to the thickness and density. However, you might pick the density and thickness by your needs for a firm mattress topper.

You should know that the topper which is denser will be more firm. These mattress toppers originate in numerous dimensions and materials. You might pick the one as per your bed’s size, current mattress as well as your material’s preference in the topper. 

Benefits of using the firm mattress topper 

The firm mattress topper offers lots of benefits while sleeping over them during the night. Some of such benefits stated below:

#Aids in relieving the back pain

The firm mattress toppers are useful for back pain as they offer firm support for keeping their spine straight along with the right posture. The mattress toppers that are soft are not beneficial for the people with back pain.

#Adds a comfort layer to the old mattress

The firm mattress toppers are suitable for the old and sagging mattresses which require a rapid improvement. You might put a firm topper for a full restoration of your old mattress since it will provide a durable layer over the mattress by shielding all frail points.

#More reliable and durable 

These are sturdier and long-lasting in comparison to the soft toppers as the soft one tend to lose their benefits quite rapidly. Thus, if you require a sturdy quality mattress topper then, you should purchase the firm toppers.

Top 5 Best Firm Mattress Topper

The below is the quick comparison chart of the five best firm mattress topper that let you know about all the products in brief before reading the reviews.

After doing extensive research and study, we have come across the below five best firm mattress toppers. Here, we have reviewed them along with the pros and cons so that you can quickly identify every aspect of each product.

LUCID 3″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LUCID 3" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Full

SIt comprises 3 inches ventilated memory foam made up of gel that increases the softness and compression-relieving relief to the mattress. It is very soft, responsive and airy. Its ventilated design increases the flow of air for an extra comfy environment for sleeping. The plush gel material of the topper seizes the heat for controlling the temperature. You also get an offer a three years warranty along with the product. The therapeutic and plush material supports your backbone and benefits in reducing the pressure points. Its qualities of contouring let you sleep peacefully so that you awaken without back issue.


  • It provides you relief in pain along with the ultimate comfort
  • It is biodegradable and certified by the CertiPUR for being the product which is free of harmful materials 
  • The technology of open cell stops the body impressions on the surface of the mattress 
  • The air circulation holes help in the right flow of air for preventing the accumulation of dust mites
  • It offers optimum support for the back, neck, and shoulder 


  • You might feel some smell of chemical when it is new
  • It does not arrive along with a cover for protection from dust
  • There are no sidelocks present for keeping the topper in position

ViscoSoft 3 Inch 3.5 lbs. Density Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

It offers you full comfort and coolness while sleeping. The feature of gel infusion helps in optimizing the flow of air along with the reduction in stuck body heat so that whenever you wake up, you feel energized and refreshed. The exceptional gel-infused formula with high-density brings into line your backbone so that you can feel some relief in the general pressure points without sinking inside the foam. You get a hypoallergenic and machine washable bamboo-rayon cover that has a non-slippery mesh for placing the topper in place.


  • You will not feel any type of while unpacking
  • In  8 hours, the foam of the topper will reach its complete expanded size
  • The cover and straps of the topper help in keeping the foam to remain intact
  • The feature of temperature control dispenses heat quickly
  • The memory foam supports your body for relieving the pressure points along with the reduction in the neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • It is sufficiently dense for keeping your spine in line


  • It comes at the softer end of the medium scale of density thus; it might not have adequate support for few people
  • It is tough to get out or get in from the gel foam
  • It is soggy, and you need a dense mattress for grabbing it through the sheets

Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress

It is made from 100% natural latex material that offers an outstanding pinpointed support so that you can sleep instantly. It contains no fillers or synthetic latex. You get a medium level of firmness in this mattress topper which is useful for any person who needs the isolated support from the firm topper. The rating of toughness for this product is 30 ILD. It usually remains cools owing to the latex material. You can also choose the medium form or firm variety of this latex topper, i.e.,


  • The supportive surface of this firm topper makes appropriate for any sleep posture, i.e., on the back, side or belly
  • It is 100% natural and proper for everybody without any harmful effects comprising on the surroundings
  • The joints and curves of the body remain in a natural posture without getting strained or feeling any ache or pain 
  • It offers you a dry, cool, and stress-free sleep since the tiny air compartments let the air flow for keeping the heat neutral in foam
  • The firmness of the product does not alter with temperature in comparison to the other products


  • You might feel a slight odor even after using the product
  • The lesser amount of thickness might not offer the anticipated support and could seem softer 

Memory Foam Solutions 3 Inch Mattress Topper

It rapidly makes any type of mattress quite comfortable, restful, and supportive in drooping parts of the mattress. The 3 inches of additional supportive memory foam of 4-Pounds adapts to your body impeccably. It manufactured in the USA with the help of environment-friendly procedures. It has also well-matched the standards of PURGreen certification. The memory foam decreases pressure points which result in better sleep. It comprises of 4-pound density for firmness. It also can reduce the pressure points for a good sleep in the night.


  • It makes any kind of mattress more supportive and comfortable 
  • It adapts impeccably according to any person’s body shape
  • It decreases the points of pressure for resulting in more comfort during sleep
  • It encounters or beats the standards of PURGReen certification 
  • You also get the warranty of 3 years with this product
  • The 4-Pounds of density provide adequate firmness
  • It immediately increases the comfort of any mattress


  • You might feel the dispersing odor for some days
  • You might feel somewhat stuck in it

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 3″ Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

It is naturally resilient and provides you a luxurious feel. It comes in 3 levels of firmness, i.e., Soft (19 ILD), Medium (28 ILD) and Firm (36 ILD). The best part about this product is that it contours according to the body shape for the ultimate support and pressure relief. The Talalay latex offers around 33% extra pressure relief in comparison to the fiber cushioning materials and conventional foam. The breathable quality of the products helps in regulating the temperature of the body during the whole night. It is the quite durable product to use which is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and unaffected by the mold, dust mites, and mildew. 


  • It comes in variable firmness and thickness 
  • You also get a bamboo cover along with it
  • It creates no chemical odor
  • It provides you luxury feel along with the extra softness
  • It is beneficial foralleviating and supporting the pressure points
  • You can remove the bamboo cover for stress-free washing
  • The product maintains its reliability without drooping or clustering up over time
  • It is four times extra ventilated in comparison to the general latex 
  • It offers a dry and cool sleep in the night


  • It not made from 100 natural latex materials
  • The topper with the more density results in the heavier weight


The firm mattress toppers are beneficial for the people who own old drooping mattresses at their home and also facing the issues of back pain. It is also useful for all those who want a sturdy mattress topper for reliable and firm support to the spine. The only thing the firm toppers lack is they might not support sleeping on the stomach and side. Thus, they might not offer the level of ease that you might require. 

On the other hand, to support the old mattresses, overcoming the issues of relieving the back pain and offering an enduring layer of a firm mattress, a firm mattress topper might be a lot more helpful in comparison to the soft mattress toppers.

In the above article, we have provided the reviews of 5 best firm mattress topper, and we believe that you will have a great firm mattress topper when choosing one of them.

And if you don’t have any special need,  as per our experience and analysis, LUCID 3″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topperis a great choice for anyone. It provides you relief in pain along with the ultimate comfort. Moreover, it is biodegradable and certified by the CertiPUR for being the product which is free of harmful materials. The air circulation holes help in the right flow of air for stopping the accumulation of dust mites.

Is there anything that we missed out in the above article then, please let us know in the below comment box. Don’t forget to tell us that which firm mattress topper you buy for yourself.